February NDC Events

31/01/2020 22:26

Free Flight

Open Power
FAI F1A Glider
1/2 A Power
Open Tissue
FAI F1L Indoor Rubber
FAI FIB  Rubber


FF Vintage Power Duration
FF Nostalgia Power Duration
FF Nostalgia Rubber Duration
FF Classic Rubber Duration
RC Vintage 1/2A Texaco
RC Vintage E Rubber Texaco 
RC Classical IC Duration

Control Line

1/2 A Team Race
FAI Team Race (F2C & F2F combined)
Open Goodyear Team Race
Slow Goodyear Team Race 
Class B Team Race 
F2A Speed
Percentage Speed
Classic 'A' Team Race
Classic 'B Team Race


Thermal A (Open)
Thermal H (2 Metre Glider)
ALES 123 Class N
X5J Unlimited Class O



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